Increased coil efficiencies resulting from our technology dramatically improve energy consumption and water shedding.


Superhydrophobic Technology

Superhydrophobic technology creates extremely water-repellent surfaces by trapping air pockets between the surface and water droplets at the nanoscale level. It improves water resistance and shedding, reduces ice buildup and frost formation, and has anti-fouling and anti-corrosion properties.


Superhydrophilic Technology

Superhydrophilic technology modifies surface chemistry to make materials extremely water-attracting, resulting in improved water absorption, faster drying, and anti-fogging properties.


Combined Nanocoating

Superhydrophobic and superhydrophillic nanosurfacing technologies can be utilized singularly or in combination to achieve significantly improved water shedding, which leads to greater amounts of collected water for functional use as well as increased coil efficiencies.

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